Oryx And Crake

Oryx And Crake

by Margaret Atwood

Pigs might not fly but they are strangely altered. So, for that matter, are wolves and racoons. A man, once named Jimmy, lives in a tree, wrapped in old bedsheets, now calls himself Snowman.

The voice of Oryx, the woman he loved, teasingly haunts him. And the green-eyed Children of Crake are, for some reason, his responsibility.

"An adman who's a sad man; a jealous lover who's in perpetual mourning; a fantasist who can only remember the past" - The Independent 

"Gripping and remarkably imagined" - London Review of Books

Paperback details:
Size: 197 x 127 x 29 (mm)
Pages: 448 pages
Publisher: Little Brown Book Group
ISBN: 9780349004068


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