About Us

Welcome to our new online store HYPERSPACE, a sister shop created by Eastern Biological—a space where astrophysics, technology and science fiction converge.

The idea for a sister shop evolved after reading books about artificial intelligence, and also obsessing over dystopian fiction, classic sci-fi films, cosmic horror, and mangabeing fans of speculative fiction and the Japanese art form from a young age.

Delving into outer space occasionally downstairs in the 'Blue Zone' of Eastern Biological, we dwelled on the fact there were vast areas of niche interests of ours, still linked to science, which had no outlet; Eastern Biological being dedicated to natural history. We thought if we had a third floor, it might be called: the 'Silver Zone', which would be about technology and the future. And so the idea for HYPERSPACE was born.

Here, we continue to promote and celebrate science. We ask questions about how AI will determine our ways of living. We playfully speculate on what the future holds for Planet Earth, thus also celebrating the feat of human imagination.

Our curated range consists of non-fiction and fiction books, graphic novels, records, contemporary illustration, educational tech kits, and more. Our purpose is to inspire the next generation of creators, coders, and curious digital pioneers seeking to explain and shape the world we will live in.

We are a ‘shop of the future’, but we believe in the everlasting, timeless process of printmaking and tangible objects we can touch, read, and listen towe champion these things.