What Do Machines Do All Day

What Do Machines Do All Day

by Jo Nelson & Aleksandar Savic

What do machines do all day?

Find out in this beautifully illustrated book that features more than 100 machines and things that go. Little ones can explore 14 large, colourful scenes set in diverse places, turning the page after each to learn about eight special machines that work there. Spot and learn about the machines in action in these busy locations: farm, building site, home, office, vet's, car factory, film set, train station, road, the seaside, kitchen, town, mine and theme park.

The combine harvester at the farm, the welding robot at the car factory, the turnstile at the train station, the cotton candy machine at the theme park... you'll be amazed by the range of machines at work.

Hardback details:
Size: 304 x 241 x 6 (mm)
Pages: 64 pages
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions
ISBN: 9781786034656